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Pacojet Chef Spotlight: Jason Licker

Pacojet Chef Jason Licker
Chef Jason Licker Pacojet Quote

Jason Licker is the the winner of Iron Chef Thailand Pastry Edition and other prestigious awards. The James Beard Nominated Author, is pushing pastry to another level. His passion for pastry, life and travel has taken him across the globe for a true culinary experience. Jason utilizes multiple flavors, textural contrasts and temperature difference, to create his own style of Asian inspired, palate-challenging pastry.

Lickerland: Asian-Accented Desserts by Jason Licker, was the only self-published cookbook nominated for a James Beard Award in 2017. See the link below for featured recipe. \

Thai Tea S’mores

Charred marshmallow, Sweet Thai Tea Ice Cream and a crunchy praline base provide yet another twist to the classic.


1) Bring the Thai Tea Powder in a coffee grinder or a blender to make a Thai Tea powder. Boil the milk and Thai tea powder and infuse for 30 minutes. Strain the tea out and re-measure the milk to 1000 grams, add more if needed.

2) Heat milk and cream to 65°C with half the sugar, glucose, milk powder

3) Add the second sugar mixture and egg yolks to milk and whisk well. Temper the hot mixture in to the eggs by slowly combining in three separate batches.

4) Bring the mixture to 77-80C for three seconds, then immediately chill in ice bath. When mixture is cool, strain through a chinois.

5) Pour the Thai Tea Ice Cream into the Pacojet containers and freeze overnight or until solid.

6) Process the Thai Tea Ice Cream in the Pacojet. Place the ice cream in a pastry bag with a tip and pipe the ice cream in a small dome mold and blast freeze.

7) Pop the ice cream out and place in the center of the Marshmallow when you construct the dessert.


1) Cook the sugar and water to 118C.

2) While the sugar is cooking, in a kitchen mixer, whip the egg whites on medium till frothy.

3) Pour the soft pour sugar in a steady stream down the side of the kitchen aid bowl.

4) After one minute, shift the machine to low speed and add the gelatin, after about thirty seconds the gelatin, then shift to high speed.

5) Whip until semi stiff peaks and still warm.

6) Pipe the marshmallow in half way in the dome flexipan and place frozen ice cream in the mold and push down. The sides of the marshmallow will be pushed up, add a little more marshmallow to cover the ice cream and place a round of crispy praline and the blast freezer.

7) Pop out quickly and reserve in the freezer

*Do not let the marshmallow get to cold while its whipping or it will set up too fast and you can’t fluidly pipe.

*Make sure both times your using a blast freezer that the ice cream is rock hard before you pop it out of the mold. This goes the same for the marshmallow, it needs to be below -35. This can only be done with a blast freezer.

*An alternative option which doesn't require a blast freezer is too build the S’more in a tart ring. You can easily cut around the edge of the tart ring and remove the S’mores


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