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Pacojet Service

Pacojet Certified Service Centers are located across the United States. Use the map above to locate the closest service center to you!


  • We recommend that the Pacojet cooking system be serviced by your official Pacojet service partner at least once a year (after processing approx. 2.000 beakers / 20.000 portions).

  • To ensure fast and trouble-free service, we recommend coordinating maintenance appointments in advance with your official Pacojet service partner. We further recommend that you send the Pacojet cooking system, together with the pacotizing blade, the protective outer beaker and the spray guard, in its original packaging.

Cleaning the Pacojet System

  • The Pacojet is a food-processing system, thus care and cleaning is very important. In general, the machine should be cleaned before and after use. The necessary cleaning frequency and the corresponding procedure are described in the User Manual.

Cleaning Agents

  • For trouble-free, hygienic cleaning of your Pacojet cooking system, always use a disinfecting, non-foaming cleaning agent approved for food processing.

Trouble Shoot


Pacojet system stops even though the desired quantity has not been pacotized or has only been partially pacotized. Error message appears on the display.


The machine is overloaded. (Overloading usually occurs when a component of the food preparation cannot be processed.)


Turn the machine off and then turn it on again after approx. 5 seconds. If no error message appears in the display, you can immediately process further beakers.
If an error message still appears in the display after switching the machine back on, the mechanical overload protection has been activated. Please contact your local Pacojet service center.


The Pacojet does not produce air pressure during pacotizing.


The surface of the spray guard is not smooth. Since this part ensures the sealing of the processing system, the surface material on the seals must be clean and undamaged.


Check the spray guard for possible dirt and damage. If dirty, please clean the splash guard. If there is still no air pressure, contact your local Pacojet service center.


Pacotizing blade no longer adheres to the beveled, interlocking magnetic shaft.


When the motor is at a stillstand, the pacotizing blade is held by the beveled, interlocking magnetic shaft. If the shaft or the mounting hole of the pacotizing blade is dirty, the distance between the magnet and the pacotizing blade is increased, so the magnet does not have enough force to hold the pacotizing blade.


Clean the connector and the mounting hole of the magnetic pacotizing blade. If the pacotizing blade still won’t attach properly to the interlocking magnetic shaft, please contact your local Pacojet service center.

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