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Pacojet Coupe Set

More applications, outstanding quality of results

Mince, chop, puree, whip, foam or mix: Extend the functionality of your Pacojet 2 and Pacojet 2 PLUS. The Pacojet Coupe Set allows you to process fresh, non-frozen foods with unique benefits.
Pacojet rotates the blade cutters or the whipping disk equally downwards through your fresh ingredients from the top of the beaker to the bottom, ensuring exquisite results every time.
The Pacojet Coupe Set is simply indispensable for getting the most versatility out of your Pacojet 2 and Pacojet 2 PLUS! 
Attention! The Pacojet Coupe Set PLUS is only compatible with Pacojet PLUS machines.

2-Blade Cutter

2 Blade Cutter.jpg

For mincing meat or fish (e.g. tartares), chopping vegetables, herbs, fruit, nuts, etc.

4-Blade Cutter

4 Blade Cutter.jpg

For farces, mousses, purées, terrines, spreads, saucen, herb oils, etc.

Whipping Disk

Whipping Disk.jpg

For liquid foods: Creams and egg whites, fruit creams, milk shakes, mixed drinks, etc.

Pacojet Coupe Set: High performance à la minute

  • Cut without crushing: Processing with the extremely sharp cutters preserves the colors and structure of your ingredients between the smoothly cut edges.

  • No heat transfer: Thanks to fast processing and intelligent construction, no heat transfer occurs. Perfect for taste, color and hygiene.

  • Undiluted flavor: The top-down processing ensures the blades work with uniform consistency without adding liquids.

  • 100% yield: Even the smallest quantities can be perfectly processed and completely removed from the beaker.

  • Maximum freshness: In a processing time of only one minute, you can prepare e.g. two portions of tartare, five portions of cream, etc. à la minute.

  • Repeat processing function: Time savings and perfect consistencies with the Pacojet 2 (whipping disk) or the Pacojet 2 PLUS (all Coupe Set tools).

Pacojet Coupe Set PLUS Advantages:


  • Extension of processing options with the Pacojet 2 PLUS repeat function.

  • Simplified work processes and time savings through individual programming of the repeat function. 

  • On the Pacojet 2 PLUS, the repeat function is available for all Coupe Set tools. On the Pacojet 2, this function is present for the whipping disk.

  • Airier and even creamier consistency with the repeat function.

  • A completely new mouthfeel.

  • Emulsions reach a new level.

  • Pastas and farces can be perfectly mixed and made even smoother.

*The Pacojet Coupe Set PLUS is only compatible with Pacojet PLUS machines.

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