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Pacotizing® redefines classic preparation methods from scratch. The starting point is market-fresh ingredients – herbs, vegetables, fish, meat or fruit. No matter what you want to create with your Pacojet – you can reach your goal in three easy steps.

Step 1:

Prepare & Fill


Simple preparation of the fresh ingredients (cut into pieces, add liquid)

Step 2:

Freeze & Store


Freeze for at least 24 hours at min. -22°C and max. -23°C.

Step 3:

Pacotize Individual Portions


Serve desired portions, and save remaining beaker to deep-frozen state.

Pacotizing® enables chefs to ‘micro-puree’ fresh, deep-frozen foods (without thawing) to produce ultra-light mousses, nature-fresh ice creams and sorbets or aromatic soups, sauces and fillings – preserving intensive aromas, natural colours and vital nutrients in ready-to-serve portions.

Pacotizing® Benefits:

  • Reduced workload: Time-consuming tasks such as peeling, straining, ice baths and blanching are no longer necessary.

  • Ready to serve à la minute: The frozen creations are always fresh and quick to access – increasing flexibility.

  • Recipes guaranteed to succeed: Excellent results every time with three easy steps.

The pacotizing® standard with a guarantee of success

For over 30 years, the pacotizing® standard has delivered exceptional, reproducible results at the touch of a button on all Pacojet models.

Working with over pressure / normal pressure:


With normal pressure, a maximum air pressure of 3-5% is incorporated into the food preparation. The consistency required for the stability of sorbet quenelles in banquet use, for example, is correspondingly firm and compact.

In contrast, the Pacojet works with over-pressure with up to 30% air pressure – perfect conditions for producing mousses, for example, with a creamy, airy consistency and a more intense mouthfeel.


Sample applications:

Poached_salmon farce_roll.jpg

Over Pressure:

Airier results for lightly poached quenelles or airy roulades


Compact farce for stuffing (e.g. chicken breasts and firm terrines)

Peach Sorbet.png

Over Pressure:

Sorbets take on an airier and creamier consistency. The texture is similar to ice cream.


The sorbet becomes more compact and seems colder.

Repeated pacotizing® without interruption


The programmable automatic repeat function of the Pacojet 4 further optimizes pacotizing®results when needed, enabling variations in mixing, consistency, stability and color.

Depending upon the recipe, the pacotizing® process can be run up to nine times by beaker or by portion without releasing the over-pressure. This saves time because intermediate steps such as re-freezing are no longer necessary.

Repeated Pacotizing.png

Pacotizing® beaker fill volume


The table below shows possible effects on volume following repeated pacotizing®. These are approximate values. Deviations are possible. The most notable effects result from repeated pacotizing® of the entire pacotizing® beaker in one processing cycle with over-pressure.

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