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Afternoon Tea, Pastries and More! 15 Free Recipes

Pacojet Advantages

  • Consistent Results! Make all bakery products in house, with ease.

  • Easily add tea infusions to pair with your pastries and bakery items.

  • Reduce labor, time, and costs.

  • Pacotize® what you need, when you need it!

Enhance Flavors with Every Offering

  •  Easily infuse variety of spices / flavors into your offerings.

  • No additives needed - Guaranteed freshness Pacotized® à la minute

  • No heat generated to the food, unlike traditional mixers.

  • Utilization of fruit fibers retains essential nutrients


Pacojet Recipe: Chocolate Lava Cake


Try Our New Synthetic Beakers Today!

New: Pacojet has developed the transparent synthetic pacotizing® beaker with a fitted chrome steel protective outer beaker:

• A cost-effective extension of the pacotizing® beaker range

• Ideal when a large quantity of beakers is needed to cover peak times in the kitchen


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