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Synthetic Pacotizing® Beaker

More Supplies, Higher Added Value

The Pacojet is a high-precision tool that requires proper handling and the use of genuine Pacojet pacotizing® beakers to maintain performance and longevity.

  • Larger external dimensions – identical interior dimensions

  • Transparent synthetic

  • BPA Free

Synthetic Pacotizing® Beakers Sold as:

Starter Package (set of 10 synthetic pacotizing® beakers, 10 white lids, & 1 chrome steel protective outer beaker)


Set of 12 Synthetic pacotizing® beakers, & 12 white lids

*Chrome steel outer protective beaker must be used with Synthetic Beakers, (not included with System).

Pacojet Synthetic Beakers 1.jpg
  • Expand your beaker assortment cost effectively with new transparent synthetic pacotizing® beakers and a compatible chrome steel protective outer beaker – an ideal addition for covering peak periods when a large number of pacotizing® beakers is required. 

  • Recommendation: Keep a large supply of synthetic pacotizing® beakers (beyond the standard allocation of chrome steel beakers) in stock to meet the needs of catering or banquet services.


Calculate your ideal pacotizing® beaker requirements with our Beaker Calculator.

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