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Chrome Steel
Pacotizing® Beaker:

At the heart of the pacotizing® process

The Pacojet is a high-precision tool that requires proper handling and the use of genuine Pacojet pacotizing® beakers to maintain performance and longevity.

  • Chrome steel pacotizing® beaker

  • Pacojet standard equipment and original accessories

  • Durable chrome steel

  • For intensive daily use

Chrome Steel Pacotizing® Beakers Sold in 
Boxes of 4, or Boxes of 10 pacotizing® beakers (incl. white sealable lids)

  • The high-quality original chrome steel pacotizing® beakers are part of the standard equipment for intensive daily use.

  • A supply of at least 20 chrome steel pacotizing® beakers is recommended. These are the unit of measurement for all Pacojet recipes – essential for proper freezing and producing results of exceptional Pacojet quality. The specific construction guarantees perfect precision when pacotizing®.

  • A sufficient supply of chrome steel pacotizing® beakers based on needs enables efficient use of the Pacojet while expanding the variety of recipes.


Calculate your ideal pacotizing® beaker requirements with our Beaker Calculator.

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