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- Instantly transform any ingredient into multiple textures and consistencies while keeping all of the natural integrity intact.

- Fully utilize food items, that are typically discarded or only used as a flavor enhancer!

Quality/Result: Produces velvety texture on demand with raw or precooked ingredients and bases. Enhances flavors and aromas.

Time Savings: Eliminates the need for straining or pre-processing. Quickly reheats for service times. 

Cost Savings: Reduces waste-Provides the ability to repurpose potential waste items into usable ingredients, gaining full product utilization.

Ease of Use/Replicability: Simplicity in recipes to recreate, ensures the same high-quality results.

Delicious Soups & Multiple Textures

From Pacojet Concentrates

Never over production-Only Pacotize the volume needed and remaining product returns to freezer.

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