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Pacotize® Top Quality Dishes 
For Bakery & Confectionery

- Spreads and Fillings
- Concentrates for Flavoring Doughs & Batters
- Nut Pastes, Pralines, Ganache's, Etc.
- Vegetable & Fruit Purees for Smoothies & Coulis
- Peeling, Straining and Blanching no longer necessary

Quality/Result: Produces a smooth and creamy consistency perfect for fillings, farces and glazes.

Time Savings: Removes the need to pre-process or strain to create the desired result.  

Cost Savings: Waste free model-never over producing or experiencing loss of product. Ability to capitalize on all products by providing useful options for perishable ingredients.

Ease of Use/Replicability: Even temperamental ingredients as chocolate can be pacotized into ganache's or glazes without error.

The Pacojet Reproduces a fully homogeneous product every time.  

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