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Expand Textural Offerings 
For Mixology & Drinks

- Add alcohol before or after Pacotizing® for desired results.
 - Special design allows less cleaning. No need to wash blender between each change in drink.

- Deep frozen base allows for lengthy savings while keeping fresh tastes and colors. 

- Pacotize® portion by portion for no wasted base / ingredients.

Quality/Result: Heightened creative options, preserving natural colors and intensify aromas.

Time Savings: Eliminates the need to muddle ingredients into cocktails.

Cost Savings: Removes the need to purchase expensive flavorings and add-ins by creating in-house natural infusions.

Ease of Use/Replicability: Provides a consistent replicable product across any venue.

Yields: 3oz of Concentrate in 18 seconds. Hands Free, 12oz Frozen Cocktail in 1 minute. No need to clean in between processes.  

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