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Create Consistent, Quality
Acai Bowls & Health Shots

- Superfood Shots for Health and Wellness 

- Increases Bioavailibility and Absorption

- Retains Natural Pigments and Vital Fiber
- Delivers a Nutrient Dense Elixir While Locking in Essential Vitamins and Minerals

- Leads to Better Antioxidant Properties

Quality/Result: Delivers a premium product with unmatched creamy texture.

Time Savings: Allows the consolidation of production time to once daily. Substantial reduction in product delivery time at point of sale. Eliminates service clean-up time.

Cost Savings: Waste free model-never over producing or experiencing loss of product.

Ease of Use/Replicability: Provides a replicable product across any venue. Error free consistency achieved with each beaker recipe.

Portable, Compact 110v Perfect for Small Kiosk & Food Truck Locations

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