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Artisan Forzen Desserts from
Ice Cream, Gelato, Sorbet & More

- Pacotize only the amount you need, resulting in no crystallization or waste of delicate frozen desserts 
- Produce up to 15 liters of 15 different flavors/hr. Mix-ins can be added just before Pacotizing.
- Use any food product, such as nutrient-dense & flavorful fruit peels or vegetable stalks.

Quality/Result: Produces premium quality with endless recipe ranges (custard, non-dairy, eggless, vegan) Pacotize® to the perfect serving temperature.

Time Savings: Beakers can be prepared with unprocessed variegates to create unique flavors.  

Cost Savings: Pacojet has the ability to produce exact volume needed for service.

Ease of Use/Replicability: Simplicity in recipes to recreate, ensures the same high-quality results.

Deliver a fresh portion every time, with no need to clean between cycles. Pacojet 2 PLUS repeat function achieves the perfect creamy texture with any recipe.

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